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The story of Thompson Chocolate is in many ways the story of the American Dream. Our founder, William H. Thompson, was one of America's first chocolatiers. In 1879, he established our company determined to produce only quality chocolate items with "no artificial ingredients." With hard work and attention to detail, he succeeded. Now, over 130 years later, Thompson Chocolate continues his tradition of making delicious foil wrapped chocolate specialties in Meriden, Connecticut. Thompson Brands is proud to offer fine products in three distinct marketplaces: Thompson Chocolate foil-wrapped specialties, Adora® Calcium Supplement in rich, premium, organic chocolate, and Custom & Private Label co-manufacturing services and capabilities that enable partners to realize value, supply chain efficiencies and accelerated time to market.

Thompson offers a range of services and products to customers looking for delicious fine, foiled chocolate novelties. From the beautiful foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies that are a must-have on Easter morning, to the chocolate cigars that announce a baby's joyous arrival, our chocolates have had the ability to make any occasion sweeter.

"For over a century, Thompson Brands
has been perfecting the art of
chocolate moulding, and delivering
custom and private label chocolate
novelties to some of America's most
respected chocolate companies and

James Lewis
CEO/Owner of Thompson Brands

Thompson Brands LLC
80 South Vine Street
Meriden, CT 06451
800-648-4058 (phone)
203-630-2492 (fax)

Thompson Chocolate has a retail location at its factory in Meriden, Connecticut. Our Factory Store has a warm, old world charm and is filled with a wide assortment of hand foiled seasonal chocolate novelties. If you are in the area, it’s an experience you should not miss with the delicious smell of our chocolates being made just feet from the counter.

The Factory Store is open for the key seasonal holidays. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to get the current store hours.

ALLERGY ALERT: Regarding our Thompson Dark Chocolate items, they are produced on shared equipment with milk chocolate products. Though we clean thoroughly, traces of milk remain and therefore will be present in very small amounts through cross contact. Thompson Brands wants to make sure that all of its customers are aware that traces of milk are present for those who may be severely allergic.

Also, Thompson Chocolate items are made in a facility that also processes tree nuts. However, we do not make our chocolate novelties on any shared equipment that has come in contact with almonds or pecans.

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Made in the USA

All products OU dairy Kosher certified.