Thompson Chocolate

From celebrating a championship to recognizing good sportsmanship, these all-natural chocolates will be a homerun at any game, match or race.

  • Mini Racing Cars #833-10 Bulk Mini Racing
    Cars: 10lb
  • Footballs #852-10 Bulk Footballs: 10lb #952 Tub of Footballs in
    1.5oz mesh bags
  • Assorted Sports Balls #849-10 Bulk Assorted Sports
    Balls: 10lb
    #849B-DRC Assorted Sports
    Balls in 8oz lay down bags
    #949 Tub of Assorted Sports
    Balls in 1.5oz mesh bags
  • Soccer Balls #850-10 Bulk Soccer Balls: 10lb #950 Tub of Soccer Balls in
    1.5oz mesh bags
  • Baseballs #851-10 Bulk Baseballs: 10lb #951 Tub of Baseballs in
    1.5oz mesh bags
  • Golf Balls #853-10 Bulk Golf Balls: 10lb
  • Tennis Balls #854-10 Bulk Tennis Balls: 10lb
  • Basketballs #855-10 Bulk Basketballs: 10lb #955 Tub of Basketballs in
    1.5oz mesh bags

Adora Calcium | Thompson Brands

Made in the USA

All products OU dairy Kosher certified.