Thompson Chocolate

Whether celebrating a birthday, recognizing an "A" on an exam, or brightening an ordinary day for someone, these all-natural chocolate treats are sure to delight.

  • Royale Cigars #6 Three 1oz Royale Cigars
    in Gift Box
    #8 Twelve 1oz Royale Cigars
    in Cigar Box
    #8-Bulk Sixty 1oz Royale Cigars
  • Happy Teddy #801/24 1oz Happy Teddy in
    Counter Display
  • Foiled Marbles #848-10 Bulk Foiled Marbles:
    Available in blue, gold, green,
    pink, purple, red, silver
  • Earth Balls #856-10 Bulk Earth Balls: 10lb #956 Tub of Earth Balls in
    1.5oz mesh bags
  • Foiled Stars #886-10 Bulk Foiled Stars: 10lb
    Available in gold, blue, red,
    silver, green
  • Poker Chips #900-10 Bulk Poker Chips,
    1 ½": 10lb
  • Blank Coins #912-20 Bulk Large Blank
    Coins: 20lb
    Available in gold, blue, red
  • Sunflowers #846B-DRC Sunflowers
    in 8oz lay down bags
    #946-DRC Sunflowers
    in 1.5oz mesh bags

Adora Calcium | Thompson Brands

Made in the USA

All products OU dairy Kosher certified.